About Temple Community Clinic
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Temple Community Clinic, Inc., is a community-based organization providing free health care to ‚ÄčBell County’s uninsured and underinsured since 1992.  

The clinic’s teaching partnerships with Texas A&M Health Science Center, Texas A&M Central Texas, and UMHB increase our patients access to care while training future providers. Patients join in the learning experience as we share healthy habits through educational classes, personal discussion, and sharing of life changing information.

As stated in our mission, Temple Community Clinic is a resource for wellness, education and health services to qualified residents of Bell County. We pride ourselves on working with other clinics and community agencies to do the most good. If Temple Community Clinic cannot meet a patient’s needs, we utilize our network of community resources to locate the best option for care or services. We actively seek community collaboration through groups like United Way of Central Texas, the local Diabetes Coalition, Texas Association of Charitable Clinics, National Association of Free Charitable Clinics, and many more initiatives.