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Enrollment Requirements


Applicants must appear in person and bring all required documentation.  Applicants who do not bring all the required documentation will not be screened. 

  • Must be 18 to 64 years of age
  • Employed or have household income
Proof of Income Required
  • Pay Stubs dated within the last 30 days for each working adult member of the family unit AND income tax return.  A business owner, or a self-employed individual, must provide a schedule “C” in addition to a 1040.
  • If no pay stub available, Employer statement of income which states gross income and frequency of pay. This letter must be dated, signed and have a telephone number.
  • Proof of benefits received from Food Stamps, Public Housing, TANF, SSI, Child Support.
  • Tax returns
Valid Picture ID
  • Current Texas Photo ID

Proof of Bell County Residency
  • Rental Agreement with your name on it
  • Utility bill with your name on it (Light, Gas, Water bill only) No phone or internet bills will be accepted
  • If lease or utilities are not in your name; please provide a lease or utility bill from the person you live with and a letter from them stating that you live with them. The letter must be signed, dated and have a telephone number.



All information provided must be current, no older than 30 days.
Please make sure to bring all required documents at time of registration.
Registration for new enrollment can be scheduled by contacting us Monday-Thursday 8-4 pm.
Please call the clinic at 254-771-3374 with any questions.