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Brenda & Rodney
Rodney and Brenda are one of the most loving couple you’ll ever meet. When Rodney proposed, Brenda insisted that she would only marry him on Valentine’s Day. It has been almost 20 years and they still adore each other. 
A few years ago, Brenda began having some serious health problems.  It broke Rodney’s heart to see his wife in such a state. The woman he loved was suffering from untreated complications of hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis.  Although Rodney received Medicare, Brenda was uninsured. Rodney began to look for a way to help is wife.  “We had tried other places for her to get help but it was always something. Either we made too much or too little. She just fell through the cracks “, says Rodney.
Brenda recalls being fearful at the time. “I remember telling him (Rodney), I don’t know if I’m going to make it … I just feel so bad every day.”
Luckily, their search led the couple to Temple Community Clinic.  After an eligibility screen, Brenda was able to receive care. The team at Temple Community Clinic did more than just prescribe medications. They worked with Brenda to improve her quality of life.  Brenda’s doctor’s suggested she take educational class for diabetes. She was referred to specialist for treatment for issues such as poor vision, incontinence, and heart problems.
With the care provide by Temple Community Clinic and its community partners, Brenda’s situation improved tremendously and Rodney was relieved that he had his smiling wife back.  Most importantly, Brenda says, “I began to have hoped that I could live a long life.”