Patient Stories

- Brian

Brian has a complicated history with Type 1 Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Hypertension among other diagnoses. He was in and out of the ER so many times that he described himself as an ER Frequent Flyer. That all changed 7 months ago when he discovered The Temple Community Clinic.

As his primary health care provider, Temple Community Clinic has helped Brian see specialists including an
Endocrinologist and Nephrologist to help manage his chronic disease. Recently, he had a series of foot injuries leading to infections. TCC volunteer physicians helped him with podiatry interventions followed by wound care to monitor healing and prevent further complications.

Temple Community Clinic has been essential in Brian’s road to improved health, assisting him with medications and diabetic supplies and providing resources for local food pantries and one-on-one educational support with our Chronic Care Program. Specific improvements include a reduction in hemoglobin levels, normalizing blood pressure readings, and improvement to his baseline kidney disease. All of this made possible by TCC’s chronic care team.

With routine health screenings, immunizations, and individual care and support, Brian has come to know Temple Community Clinic as his home for healthcare. He has reduced his visits to the ER and has taken ownership and pride in improving his health status. Temple Community Clinic has been instrumental in helping Brian reach these goals. He says, “This clinic has saved my life.”

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