Monthly Update! August 2023

Exterior Work Almost Complete

Since our last update, the stone has been completed on the side of the building. The crew is working hard in the Texas heat to finish the exterior of the building. We are thankful for all of our community members who provide us encouragement and support!

Hear From One of Our Patients

"They aren’t in a rush and they really listen to you."

Julie initially came to Temple Community Clinic 20 years ago for dental care. Later when she developed preeclampsia and type 2 diabetes during her pregnancy she knew the clinic was the best place to be. 

“The cost of healthcare is outrageous. It’s beyond what it should be” she says, “but the doctors at the clinic are the best. They aren’t in a rush and they really listen to you. I don’t feel like a customer or just a number here.” As proof, Julie pulls out a folder of questions she had for the doctor that day. “I always make a list of questions for every visit and the doctor really does take all the time that’s needed to answer all of them.” 

She wishes that everyone knew about the clinic and that it’s a safe place where you will feel supported.

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