Temple Community Clinic provides care to adult patients in need that do not qualify for government health programs. Last year over 1600 patients received services. Some sought care simply for cold and flu symptoms while others received ongoing treatment for issues like heart disease, diabetes, or mental health.

Patients of Temple Community Clinic are 18 – 65 years old, do not qualify for health programs like Medicaid, Medicare, or indigent care, must be residents of Bell County, and are uninsured or under insured. They must have some form of household income. For more information visit the eligibility page.

Our Focus

“Health” is a broad category used to encompass the various services provided by the clinic. Includes patient visits for chronic and acute illness, prescription assistance, specialty clinics such as cardiology, GI, podiatry, vision, dental, women’s health, dermatology, mental health, and the diagnostic testing need for care.

“Wellness” refers to the effort to create a better quality of life for our patients and community as a whole. Our mission is not limited to the clinic site; for this reason we have partnerships with agencies that focus on areas of education, healthy food access, arts/culture, financial wellness, fitness, youth services and creating stronger families.

“Education” at Temple Community Clinic is paramount. We are all life long learners. The clinic’s teaching partnerships with Texas A&M Health Science Center, Texas A&M Central Texas, and UMHB increase our patients access to care while training future providers. Patients join in the learning experience as we share healthy habits through educational classes, personal discussion, and sharing of life changing information.