Monthly Update! June 2023

The Rock Has Dropped!

Despite some rainy weather, the rock has dropped and construction on our new clinic continues! Check out our progress!

Patient Testimonial: Rhonda's Story

"They are helping me move to a brighter future."

Rhonda, a patient at Temple Community Clinic, had become very good at just pushing through when things got tough. She was never one to ask for help or complain. But when her blood pressure began to skyrocket because of anxiety brought on by being a caretaker for her husband who was in a major accident- she knew she needed help. However, without insurance or access to affordable healthcare, Rhonda didn’t know where to turn. 

That’s when a doctor who used to volunteer at the clinic told Rhonda about Temple Community Clinic. Rhonda was skeptical at first, after years of feeling like just a number in the health care system, but the clinic staff quickly won her over. Rhonda says that coming into her mental health appointments she feels like she finally has someone to talk to who genuinely cares about her health. 

Rhonda claims that “If it wasn’t for the clinic, I am not sure I would be here today”. When her husband got in his accident, she says she lost her rock, but the clinic has become a rock for her in a sense. The clinic has given her hope that she never thought she would have after her husband’s accident.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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